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Introducing AfAA YMG Steering Committee 

1 December, 2023

It has been quite a journey as a few young members of the African Arbitration Association (AfAA), have, over the past year, worked tirelessly to carve a space for Young Arbitration practitioners in AfAA. After nine (9) virtual meetings, the Young African AfAA Committee had its first in-person meeting during the 4th Annual Conference of AfAA, held on October 13, 2023, at the Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.

Fifteen (15) countries were represented in the inaugural meeting by approximately thirty (30) participants.  The formalization of the steering committee, the monthly webinar series, newsletters, partnerships and collaborations were discussed at the meeting. The members of the Steering Committee were introduced to the meeting as follows:

1.                The Chairperson – Herman Omiti

2.               The Vice Chairperson – Ranna Musa

3.               The Secretary General – Samantha Masengeli

4.               The Regional Representatives (2 from Each Region)

                                    i.          Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) Region   Khaled Elgarhe 

                                   ii.          East Africa Region    Awasum Mispa         

                 iii.          West Africa Region  Lauraine DarkwahMercy Nana Mensah   

              iv.          Southern Africa Region  Joseph Muleba ChitupilaCharles Martin Mhone

v.          Europe & other Regions Erin Cronje

  5.               Sub-committees (Yet to be fully constituted)

This is a step in the right direction as the Steering Committee has a plethora of innovative programmes and initiatives on the drawing board ready to be rolled out the coming year.  If you are a young Arbitration practitioner, looking for a space to learn and contribute in the world of Arbitration, what are you waiting for? Make it a point to join the Young Committee today by contacting any of the aforementioned Steering Committee Members.

By Lauraine Darkwah, MCIArb

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