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Brief on CRCICA Caseload and Recent Activities in Africa

June 2019


The total number of cases filed before CRCICA until 31 December 2018 reached 1303 cases. In 2018, 77 new cases were filed, compared to 65 in 2017. Further, 2 mediation cases were registered in 2018 compared to a single one in 2017.

The Centre’s caseload during 2018 involved disputes relating to various sectors including: Oil & Gas, Construction, Media & Entertainment, Sports, Real Estate Development, Agriculture and Tourism.

The parties to disputes included twenty-eight Non-Egyptian parties. Parties from the USA ranked on top of Non-Egyptian parties referring their disputes to the Centre followed by parties from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Russia.

In cases registered in 2018, seventeen Non-Egyptian arbitrators were appointed, with the most number of arbitrators coming from the UK, Lebanon and Sudan. Moreover, eleven female arbitrators were appointed, compared to nine female arbitrators in cases registered in 2017. There were also thirteen arbitrators aged under 40 appointed, as co-arbitrators as well as sole arbitrators. In implementation of CRCICA’s regional diversity policy, two arbitrators from Tunisia and Sudan were appointed in 2018 where the language of arbitration was Arabic.  It is also worth mentioning that the CRCICA gender and age diversity policy addresses as well African Egyptian arbitrators.

In 2018, 54 arbitration cases were conducted in Arabic, (i.e. 70%), whereas 23, (i.e. 30%), were conducted in English.

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During the first half of 2019 CRCICA, co-organized, hosted and contributed to significant African events as a representation of the CRCICA/Africa close collaboration.

In February and April 2019 successively, CRCICA was represented by its Director Dr. Ismail Selim in two major African events, in Tanzania and Rwanda: the Fifth SOAS Arbitration in Africa Conference titled: “Best Practices in Arbitration and ADR in Africa”, organized by the SOAS University of London, AIIL, and Bannaga & Fadlabi LLP, followed by the AfAA First Annual International Arbitration Conference on : “The Coming of Age of International Arbitration in Africa”.  CRCICA was a media partner at both events. Further, Dr. Selim attended the AfAA BoD as he is a founding member of the AfAA and the sole representative of North Africa in its Board.

On 13-17 May 2019, CRCICA hosted and co-organized a Training Course on “the Settlement of Disputes: The African Continental Free Trade Area”.  Organized by the African Union (AU), the training aimed at raising the capacities of AU member states in arbitration and ISDS.  Conducted in the form of interactive discussions, important topics were presented by eminent speakers representing the University of Geneva, ICC, ISCID, UNCTAD, and CRCICA.  Participants were legal advisors and regional economic communities from 25 African countries.

Finally, the GAR granted CRCICA the prestigious international award for the “arbitral institution that impressed” during the largest ever GAR Awards’ event in April 2019 held in Paris. The award was granted for commitment to improving diversity not just in the appointment of arbitrators but when promoting its own staff and for being “one of the most reasonable priced institutions around.”

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