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Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators Ltd/ Gte


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Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators Ltd/ Gte
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  • International Arbitration
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Organisation operating since
1 Oct 1979
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  • Arbitration Institution
Organisation Profile
The Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators is a registered mark of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Nigeria. It is the first indigenous body of professional Arbitrators founded in 1979, under the leadership of His Excellency, Judge Bola Ajibola, SAN, KBE and duly incorporated in 1988 under the Companies Act as a legal entity limited by Guarantee. The Institute was formerly known as the “Association of Arbitrators of Nigeria” and then later became “Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Nigeria” Ltd/Gte and now the Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators. It is a professional body dedicated to the promoting, facilitating and determining of disputes by Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms.
The Institute is in the forefront of the development of alternatives to litigation in Nigeria. Besides being at the forefront of promoting the knowledge and practice of Arbitration and other dispute resolution alternatives, the Institute has gained reputation as the preferred appointing authority and Arbitration handling Institution for a broad spectrum of commercial disputants.
The Nigerian Institute Chartered Arbitrators, has over 1,800 members comprising of Associates and Fellows. These individuals are drawn from diverse vocational backgrounds including the Academia, Accounting, Construction, Engineering, Judiciary, Legal, Public Service and a host of others.

Our Objectives
The Institute aims to train and develop Arbitrators as well as promote the use of Arbitration for dispute resolution. Its objectives are:
• Promoting and facilitating the settlement of disputes by Arbitration and other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
• Improving the standard and skill and expertise of Arbitrators and those involved in alternative means of dispute resolution
• Promoting the study of Arbitration Law generally and Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Providing trainings and continuous professional development to its members.
• Maintaining and improving the standard of ethics and professional conduct in the Arbitration profession and those involved in the alternative means of dispute resolution.

Our Activities.
The Institute’s core focus is in the area of professional training and practical Arbitral skills development. This is delivered by means of seminars and workshops for practicing and potential Arbitrators. Participants benefit from a range of interactive exercises, cases, class discussions and practical training session of the moot Arbitration to get practical experience on the Arbitral procedure.
Areas of Speciality
  • Administrative & Constitutional
  • Competition
  • International Commercial Disputes
  • International Investment Disputes
  • Professional Services
Other Speciality (Please Specify)
Educational Services
International Arbitration/ADR Services Offered in Africa
  • Appointing Arbitrators/Mediators under Own Rules
  • Appointing Authority for ad hoc arbirations
  • Case Administration for ad hoc arbitrations
  • Advise on award enforcement
  • Tribunal Secretarial Services
  • Fact-Finding
  • Accredited Training
  • Moot Preparation & Competitions
  • Conference Organising
  • Conference Facilities
  • Hearing Facilities
  • Promotion of arbitration/ADR
  • Awareness Raising of arbitration/ADR
  • Knowledge Management
  • Resource Sharing
Types of agreements from which disputes in your practice most frequently arise
  • Employment
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Sale of Goods
Other Agreement (Please specify)
All Commercial Transactions
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African Arbitration Association, P.O. Box 695, Nyarutarama, KG 9 Av. No. 66, Kigali, Rwanda

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