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CRCICA's Recent Activities

4 December 2020

CRCICA Caseload

On 30 November 2020, the total number of cases filed before CRCICA reached 1442 cases, with 17 new cases filed since 21 August 2020.

The cases related to various sectors, including Construction, Tourism & Hospitality, Oil & Gas, International Sale of Goods, Mining, Food Manufacturing and Textiles.

Arbitrators appointed during this period hailed from Canada, Egypt, France, Lebanon, Tanzania, the UK and the USA.

Since 21 August 2020, CRCICA has hosted 35 hearings; in which, 5 hearings were held with partial in-person attendance and remote attendance, 4 hearings were held via videoconference, 1 was held via teleconference and the rest of the hearings were held in-person (while respecting the Centre’s social distancing measures). CRCICA also hosted the remote witness testimony for an ICC case, and provided hearing rooms and video-conferencing facilities for a PCA case and an ICSID case.

CRCICA contribution to African Events

  • CRCICA is proud to be shortlisted by the African Arbitration Association (AFAA) for the AFAA Awards in September 2020. CRCICA was shortlisted under the categories of Diversity Champions, Innovation in Arbitration, and African Institution of the Year.

  • ·        In October 2020, CRCICA was among the supporters of a Comprehensive Study of Mediation in Africa under the Africa Mediation Network.
  • CRCICA was the Media Partner for 'Meet the African Female Arbitrator' series featuring esteemed Nigerian arbitrator Dorothy Ufot, SAN, organized by the African Subcommittee of the Arbitration Pledge (supported by Association of Young Arbitrators and An African Promise) on 17 November 2020.

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