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Awards Committee

Suzanne Rattray (Zambia/Jamaica)

Jackwell Feris (South Africa)

Nania Owusu-Ankomah Sackey (Ghana)

Aisha Abdallah (Kenya)

Mohamed Aboul Saoud (Egypt)

Erin Cronjé (The Netherlands/South Africa)

Isaiah Bozimo (Nigeria)

Aisha Nadar (Egypt/Sweden/US)

Nuno Albuquerque (Portugal/Angola)

Ismail Selim (Egypt)

Chair: Adedoyin Rhodes-Vivour (Nigeria)


The African Arbitration Association is delighted to introduce to you the launch of the African Arbitration Association Awards 2020 ("AfAA Awards 2020"), as a new opportunity to recognise and celebrate the important contribution of African jurisdictions, African Arbitration and ADR practitioners and institutions to the practice and development of international dispute resolution. 

As Africa continues to grow as an important Foreign Investment destination, the importance of arbitration and ADR to the growth of foreign investment cannot be overemphasized. The rise of arbitration in Africa is evidenced not only by the increase in the number and experience of regional arbitration centres and legislative reforms, but in the number and quality of arbitration practitioners.

The AfAA Awards 2020 seeks to highlight the achievements of African jurisdictions, arbitration / ADR practitioners and Institutions and their significant contributions to the development of arbitration / ADR in Africa thus driving the effort to make Africa a preferred destination for business and arbitration / ADR activities.

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