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  • International Arbitration
  • International Alternative Dispute Resolution
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Paul Jean Le Cannu
Non-African Country
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United States
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If non-African, how do you promote Africans in international arbitration/ADR?
In addition to taking part in ICSID's various initiatives to raise awareness, build capacity and promote regional diversity in investment dispute resolution, I write and teach on investment dispute resolution in relation to Africa. I also participate in trainings and conferences on this topic, whether on or outside the African continent. I am a co-founder of AfricArb, a group of young legal professionals with a shared interest in arbitration and Africa who seek to contribute to the further development of arbitration as an efficient and accessible dispute resolution method in Africa.
English, French, Spanish
Individual Member Profession (see note below)
  • Arbitration/ADR Administrator
Number of Cases as Counsel in international arbitration/ADR
Number of Cases as International Arbitration Tribunal Secretary
Number of Cases as International Arbitration/ADR Administrator
  • 20+
Areas of Speciality
  • International Commercial Disputes
  • International Investment Disputes
  • Investment law
  • Public International Law
Degrees/Qualifications, Institutions and Dates Obtained
LLB in English Law, King’s College London and Maîtrise en droit français, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (LLB equivalent), 1999
Degree from the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), 2001
DEA de droit anglais et nord-américain des affaires (LLM in comparative business law), 2002
Paris Bar School Exams, 2003-2004
Diploma in domestic and international arbitration from the Universitat de València, Spain, 2014.
Professional Experience (Job Title, Organisation and Dates)
Associate, Shearman & Sterling LLP, 2005-2007
Legal Counsel, Permanent Court of Arbitration, 2007-2010
Legal Counsel, ICSID, 2010-2016
Team Leader and Senior Legal Counsel, ICSID, 2016-present
Legal Background
  • Civil Law
  • Common Law
  • International Law
Qualified in (specify jurisdiction(s))
Types of agreements from which disputes in your practice most frequently arise
  • Concessions
  • Share Purchase/Joint Venture
Other Agreement (Please specify)
Investment Contracts; Investment Agreements/Free Trade Agreements; Investment Laws.
List arbitration/ADR articles, book chapters, books and where published
Most recent publication: Foundation and Innovation: The Participation of African States in the ICSID Dispute Resolution System, 33 ICSID Rev.—FILJ 456 (2018)

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