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  • International Arbitration
  • International Alternative Dispute Resolution
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Nuno Albuquerque
Country of Birth
Angolan and Portuguese
Portuguese, English, French, Spanish
Individual Member Profession (see note below)
  • Arbitrator
  • Counsel
  • Mediator/Conciliator
Number of Cases as Counsel in international arbitration/ADR
Number of Cases as Sole Arbitrator in international arbitration
Number of Cases as Co-Arbitrator in international arbitration
Number of Cases as International Mediator/Conciliator
Areas of Speciality
  • Administrative & Constitutional
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Corporate Law / M&A
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Environment
  • Finance & Banking
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Commercial Disputes
  • International Investment Disputes
  • Investment law
  • Maritime
  • Real Estate
  • Sales & Purchases
  • Shipping & Commodities
  • Sport
  • Technologies
  • Transport
Degrees/Qualifications, Institutions and Dates Obtained
1. Law Degree, Faculty of Law of Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal, July 1988;
2. MCIArb - Superior Arbitration Course by the CIAMEN and CIArb, integrated into the Recognised Course Provider (CPR), February 2014;
3. ICC Institute Masterclass for Arbitrators - Sao Paulo, May 2014;
4. Certified Mediator - Mediation Public and Private Mediation ICFML, Catholic University, Oporto, 2014;
5. Intensive Training of Arbitrators promoted by the Arbitration Center of the -Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Centre for Commercial Arbitration), March 2013;
6. Postgraduate by Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Curso de Atualização em Arbitragem (Course of Update in Arbitration), Lisbon, 2012;
7. Postgraduate in Maritime and port law by Faculty of Law of Universidade do Porto, Porto, 2015/16.
List Arbitration/ADR Panels you belong to
1. MCIArb – Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb);
2. Vice-President, Arbitrator and Mediator of the Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sport (2015);
3. Arbitrator of CAAD - Centro de Arbitragem Administrativa (2015);
4. Arbitrator of the Arbitration Centre of the Commercial Arbitration Institute of the Commercial Association of Porto (2016);
5. Arbitrator of ARBITRARE - Arbitration Centre of Industrial Property Rights, Domain Names, medicines and generic medicines (2017);
6. Arbitrator of the Property and Real Estate Arbitration Center ESAI (2016);
7. Mediator certificate by ICFML;
8. President of the General Assembly of ICFML;
9. Member of ICC Institute of World Business Law
10. Member of ICC – International Chamber of Commerce (Portugal)
11. Member of the Spanish Club of Arbitration (CEA)
12. Member of ICCA - International Council for Commercial Arbitration
13. Member of Lisbon Commercial Association (Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Commercial Arbitration Centre).
14. Listed in the GAR-Global Arbitration Review’s Arbitrator Research Tool (ART)
Professional Experience (Job Title, Organisation and Dates)
1. Inscribed in Portugal’s Bar Association, as a Lawyer, since 1990; in Angola’s Bar Association, since 2008; and in Paris’s Bar Association, since 2014;
2. Insolvency Administrator, Especially qualified to practice management acts, since 1995;
3. Founding partner of the Lawyers’ Office “N-ADVOGADOS-Nuno Albuquerque, Deolinda Ribas, Sociedade de Advogados, RL”;
4. Executive Director of the Centre CAAL-Angolan Voluntary Arbitration of Disputes, Luanda, Angola, since 2012;
5. Member of the Executive Committee of the Portuguese Professional Soccer League, from December 1996 to May 2002;
Nuno Albuquerque is a lawyer and founding partner of N-Advogados. Has a Law Degree, by the Faculty of Law of Coimbra University (1988) and a MCIArb - Superior Arbitration Course by the International Centre for Arbitration, Mediación y Negociación (CIAMEN) University of San Pablo CEU (Madrid) and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).
Nuno has attended the ICC Institute Masterclass for Arbitrators (2014), ICC Institute Training on the Conduct of the Proceedings & Case Management (2019); he is a Graduate by the Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in the Course of Update in Arbitration (2012) and the Intensive Training of Arbitrators promoted by the Arbitration Center of the -Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2013).
Nuno is also a postgraduate in Maritime and port law by Faculty of Law of Universidade do Porto.
He is registered in Portugal’s Bar Association since 1990, Angola’s Bar Association, since 2008 and Paris’s Bar Association, since 2014, having relevant experience in Commercial Law, Insolvency and restructuring of companies and sports law, arbitration; construction, civil and commercial litigation.
As arbitrator, Nuno integrates the “Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sport”, the arbitrators list of “CBMA-Brazilian Centre for Mediation and Arbitration”, the Permanent Arbitrator of the “Committee of Experts on the Sports and Entertainment Industry of the European Arbitration Association”, the list of the “Court of Arbitration of the College of Lawyers of Madrid”, the list of the “Arbitration Council of the State of S. Paulo”, the list of “CAAD -Administrative Arbitration Center” in administrative matters, and the list of the “Arbitration Center of the Commercial Arbitration Institute of the Commercial Association of Porto”.
He is Member of the Advisory Committee “Business Mediation” of the “CMEM - Madrid Business Mediation Center” (Centro de Mediación Empresarial de Madrid), Spain.
Legal Background
  • Civil Law
Qualified in (specify jurisdiction(s))
Angola, Portugal, France
Types of agreements from which disputes in your practice most frequently arise
  • Charter parties
  • Employment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Loan
  • Partnership
  • Sale of Business
  • Sale of Goods
List arbitration/ADR articles, book chapters, books and where published
1. "La Prueba en el Procedimiento Arbitral", coordinated by J. Félix de Luis and Nuno Albuquerque, Editora Aranzadi, 2017;
2. “Litigation and dispute resolution in Angola” in The International Comparative Legal Guide to Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2016 Edition, Global Legal Group Ltd, London;
3. Portugal Chapter in Enforcement of Foreign Judgments | Laws and Regulations, in International Comparative Legal Guide 2017, London;
4. Portugal and Angola Chapter in the 3rd edition of the Global Legal Insight: International Arbitration 2017, London.

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